August 23, 2017

What is a Fountainhouse?

The fountainhouse’s work directed rehabilitation is built on basic human needs. We all need to be seen and heard, to be useful and belong to a community and to be able to meet and overcome the challenges we face. The fountainhouse’s health promoting work collective is a cost-efficient alternative. Member receive support to meet whatever challenges they face throughout the workday.

Volunteerism, relationships and equality are the fundamental values of Fountainhouse Harstad.

Here our employees and our members work side by side to solve all the tasks of the day. With a goal of a smoothly running house that aids its members with whatever challenges they might face.

Volunteerism is the foundation for members taking responsibility and control over their own lives, and to us it is a basic component in getting the most out of your rehabilitation. The volunteer works our members put in to the daily running of the house by far supersedes what our employees are able to do.

Empowerment and reclaiming control are central elements in our way of thought, and these ideas combine in the running of our house. The health benefits of working as a team builds positive relationships that provides you with support, colleagues and friendships. The sense of equality strengthens each individual member’s belief in his own powers and opportunities.

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