August 23, 2017



Fountainhouse Harstad is a clubhouse for anyone who has or have ever had a mental illness. Do you want to create a change in your way of life? Maybe the fountainhouse is what you need.


A possible membership starts with a visit and a house tour, you can drop by, send us an email, or give us a call. If you prefer to just drop us a line on Facebook than that is fine too.

  • Membership is free
  • We do not have a waitlist and you do not need a referral
  • As a member, you are committing to creating a safe and healthy work environment
  • Membership is lifelong if you want it to be. Many use the fountainhouse also after getting a job or getting into university or college. We can be a support system as you move forward.

Come as you are

You are good enough, we don’t need to know about your diagnosis, but we want shy away if you want to talk. When you arrive, we want to talk about you and your dreams and wishes for the future.

We can fill the void

When you struggle with mental illness, many people experience isolation, a loss of relations and support systems. We can help you fill the void that mental illness has left behind.

We are a work collective

We know that work helps you structure your time, gives meaning to your days and helps build confidence. We think of work like an antidote to chaos, depression and loneliness

At the fountainhouse you work side by side with other members and staff, and togheter we find work to fit you.

Our community is built on positive relations and friendship, here you can find colleagues, a support system and friends.

It’s voluntary

You can drop by once a week or be here from 8-15, you decide

There are jobs that are done in a moment and other that takes weeks or even months. You can lead or you can follow. It is all up to you,

You can be a part of pour community for long periods, or you can take a break when you feel like it

Individual support in other areas of life

We all have our issues, Life is about more than just work and we support our members in all their endeavors. To us helping you reach your goals is part and parcel of why we are here. For some that final goal might be a steady job or higher education for others it might be untangling a challenging situation in life.

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